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Hello and welcome to rpg_hellsing! Just as the name suggests, it's a RP game based off of the anime and manga seies Hellsing.

rpg_hellsing is modded by chill_shadow/berserk_nun (also the admin) and callme_sir

ATTENTION: This RPG is closed. We are not accepting players, because we are not playing. Go elsewhere.

Joining is simple:

1. Choose a character that isn't taken from the list. No RPGing experience needed!

2. If you wish, create an account for the character (Not required, if you don't want to skip to 3)

3. Post a short out of character (OOC) post with the name of the character you wish to play and why.

4. If you're already a member, and wish to sub as another character until we get one, post an OOC post with the character you wish to sub as.

5. If you wish to play your own creation, give that character a coherent backstory.

6. Players may have no more than two characters, one to start and one later, at the mods' discretion.

Please follow the rules:

i. Make sure the posts at least sound somewhat like what the character would say. You don't have to post crazy accents or anything; just do it in the style of what he or she might say.

ii. Post at least every 4 weeks or so. Warn one or both of the mods if something (vacation, exams, illness) prevents you from posting.

iii. Make posts fit together. Don't go all helter skelter with your posts; stay with in the RPG storyline.

iv. Have an LJ icon of the character you play and/or sub for.

v. Instead of starting a new post every time, please reply to a parent post at least 7 times (OOC posts don't count towards the 7 posts allowed in the parent post). This is only if you are in the same area as the parent character or plan to run into them at that time (or they run into you or whatever). If you are nowhere near them at that point in time, then please by all means, start a new parent post, makes it less confusing.

vi. Be kind to your fellow RPGers! This includes not godmodding (moving characters without their players' permission), keeping OOC drama at a minimum, and not confusing characters with players.

So now on to the characters!

Integral Wingates Hellsing: callme_sir
Walter C. Dornez: walter_n_wires
Alucard: __alucard_
Seras Victoria: victoria_dance
Pip Bernadette: pip_of_hellsing
Jan Valentine: bo0do0
Luke Valentine: zimon66
Art Banning: snake_oil_blues

Father Enrico Maxwell: krymsnengyle
Paladin Alexander Anderson: sec13_hunter
Heinkel Wolfe: imnamenvongott
Yumiko/Yumie Takagi: berserk_nun
Father Renaldo:

Major: majorxdoughnut
Doc: dickehabe_doc
Captain: silent_captain
Zorin (Joleene): ko0lchiki
Rip: singtomeschatz
Schrödinger: katzetheorie
Tubalcain "The Dandy" Alhambra: