Warrant Officer Schrödinger (katzetheorie) wrote in rpg_hellsing,
Warrant Officer Schrödinger

OOC Post

Yesterday I spent a good deal of time with my friend who is Seras in my school-based live rpg of Hellsing. (We're making her a Harconnen for ConnectiCon '05, huzzah! Not the point...) Point is, playful bickering with her (I live to take cracks at her fake-Protestant~ness as Seras, as she is in fact a very Catholic chicka; also not my point), I was reminded that on this rp the cat-child is supposed to be meeting up with Seras soon for a bit of a fight. Only I haven't seen/spoken to the Seras player in ages. So... er... Victoria-san? Are we still on for that?
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