Rip Van Winkle (singtomeschatz) wrote in rpg_hellsing,
Rip Van Winkle

RP: Millennium HQ

(Because the old thread with Doc died. *Sobs brokenly*)

Yawning and stretching, Rip gazed distantly over the fields - the training fields, in fact - as a bare handful of soldiers sparred. The moon had risen high by this hour and good little humans were surely tucked away in bed while the world's most nocturnal of creatures emerged to greet the darkness. Glittering stars flecked across the velvet night caught her attention, and for a time she lay on her back in the grass to watch them, concealed from untrained eyes by the shadow of the towering HQ just behind her. She wore black slacks and a white dress shirt, and the vampiress idly twined a lock of her raven hair about her finger as the grunts and growls of the soldiers training echoed softly into the night.

This night she took for herself. Rip Van Winkle always did her duty, and did it well. She'd earned the title of "first lieutenant", after all, and it was her right to a little leisure time just as anyone else. Other soldiers mingled about on guard or simply to watch the sparring taking place, but none ventured near her, leaving her to her nocturnal bliss..
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