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(OOC: This is intended to be the log that'll lead to a future Seras log with Schro. Sorry if I made any content errors with Millenium and whatnot, I just really wanted to make this log. It's also not just limited to the catboy, all of the other nazis can post here as well. ENTERTAIN ME!)

Things were going smoothly within Millenium... The Major had arrived safely, and all of the troops were behaving. Vampire production was going well, as was their actual combat training. Schrö was also keeping himself out of trouble, which was always a good thing. And last but not least, he’d gotten wind of how Doc was working dillegently on... something. Captain couldn’t remember what it exactly was, but it would surely help the organization in the upcoming war.

Yes, things were going smoothly... and Captain hated it. He longed for going into actual combat with someone who could give him a real challenge. The little sparring matches he had between the freaks always ended in a victory for him. Unfortunately for Captain, Mayor would never allow him to fight another officer, like Zorin or Rip. Mayor had yet to give any of the Millenium officers any specific orders as he was busy with..., well he didn’t know exactly what the führer was doing, but Captain knew better than to ask him any unnecessary questions.

He kept to himself during this little “waiting time”, not that this sort of behavior in him was unusual. All Captain wanted was something, anything to take his mind of this seemingly never-ending boredom. Letting out a small “hmph” sound before putting on his hat and adjusting his uniform, he left his quarters and started walking down the hall. He needed to keep his patience from wearing thin. He was even willing to actually seek out Schrö.

Yes, he was that desperate.
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