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A little reminder

I'm still in this, I just haven't really seen anything that warrants a post from the Captain in a while. Well... I probably should have a look at the thread new Doc player made, bah.

As for Seras... I know I volunteered to RP her, but I'm at a complete loss as to where I should set her in. Perhaps anybody from the Hellsing side could make some suggestions to where she's needed most? Not to mention a little summary on what's been happening between the characters (Alucard, Pip, Integra, etc.) If I have that, then it should be pretty easy for me to make a post. I hope.

Again, if you have anything to say to me, then please feel free to contact me over at my AIM SN of Cursed Wave. I'm online on a nightly basis and I'm usually not doing anything important. I'm always up for a little RPing be it in a log, or just random OOC fun.

Ja, I think that's about it.
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