snake_oil_blues (snake_oil_blues) wrote in rpg_hellsing,

The Cat's Away

" ' you be bound to this house and terms' bothersome filth of a woman's words,"   spit the sub-human. It had taken him hours to find a window which actually opened to the outside and the scale down was only slightly less than impossible, but a dog doesn't fear a man's death so why should he? In absence of his Mistress's audience, who would deny the beast an outing; his reasoning felt sound enough to him.

His wanderings had taken him through the town, but, not knowing where he should be, having no destination he couldn't actually be lost or lose himself. The sun is setting just beyond the town, and the wind has stilled it's moaning objection; something sweet lies ahead, its scent perpetually around the next corner. HALT!

There. Perhaps the Old-Man is home, but the archway is inviting and the place looks empty; and Arthur goes under. Inside, he runs his hands over the wooden pews and keeps well away from the candles. "These places always have music in the movies, but the silence... Much more impressive." Turns left. Sits down.

"Forgive me Father. I have lost my way. I shall commit a great sin."

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