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[RP Post] London, England (for Iscariot AND Hellsing)

Maxwell stepped out of the back seat of the car, dressed in his usual wear - gloves, vest, collar, cross, and sunglasses. He gazed around him with a growing look of disgust. London was busy as always, and he hated breathing the thick air that always lingered after a vehicle passed by, but he was here on business. Business presided over all other matters, except for that of faith.

The priest only hoped that a certain Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing had received his letter - the second one, after that successful last visit several months before. Maxwell remember quite clearly what he'd written, and though slightly chagrined that the Pope had forced him to cooperate with the heretics, an order was an order.

To Sir Integra Hellsing, Royal Protestant Knight and director of the Hellsing Organization; from Bishop Enrico Maxwell, director of the Vatican Section XIII Iscariot:

I know we've met face-to-face recently, but urgent matters force us on the same soil once again. The threat of Millennium is upon you - and us as well - and it has been decided by His Holiness Pope John Paul II that the Iscariot Organization and the Hellsing Organization should work together to halt this threat. My agents and yours are to cooperate under all circumstances unless either of our organizations is attacked by the other party.

I will meet you at Hyde Park on May 8 at noon to discuss these matters over lunch. I will not traipse into Protestant bounderies alone, however; one or more of my agents will accompany me to England as a response to either your butler or Alucard, or both. As of now, I have not decided who will accompany me, but I have no doubt in your decision regarding your escort.

P.S. I look forward to getting this over with.

[edit] ((OOC: Er... any Iscariot who wants to participate can just go ahead and post as an escort. ^^))
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